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Area of expertise:

Experience Design

Job Description

Junior Consultant, UX Design

Do you love making tech human? So do we.

You know how to design IT to create solutions that are used by people not machines, humanizing technology and empowering business.

About you

You enjoy researching, designing and proposing solutions. You understand and can explain whether solutions will work from a technical perspective, and how to translate requirements into design specifications.

About the job

The User Experience (UX) Design team specializes in human-centred design. You work with your team to plan, design and create UX transformation deliverables on projects, using your knowledge and skills in architecture and usability content. You take part in workshops to find out what people really need and you’re skilled in lowering potential barriers to support great communications and generate ideas.

Day to day, you will:

Hold workshops to gather project requirements using a variety of techniques to help communication flow and new ideas emerge.

Research through user tests, in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnographic field studies and surveys

Brainstorm work sessions with multi-disciplinary teams to inform vision and design strategy sessions

Design digital products or services with the right mix of human-centred design process and tools

Refine the design process where needed and choose the best approach for each project

Share your UX knowledge with your colleagues, guiding them through presentations and training sessions, as well as working alongside project team leaders

Travel as needed.

About you

You understand disciplines including UX research methods, information architecture, usability testing and content strategies, and you’re comfortable with visual design capabilities and strategies. You have great communications skills and you enthuse your colleagues about UX. You’re as comfortable to work on your own as you are with your team.

Your skills and experience include:

Using Lean UX and Agile UX techniques

Monitoring and reporting on UX trends

Knowledge of visual design capabilities and strategies, and you may also know about content strategy.

Running workshops and using different methods for research, ensuring that the results are interpreted accurately.

You probably have a Bachelor’s degree in interaction design, human factors, computer interaction, behavioral psychology, human/computer interaction, or similar – some experience may substitute for this. You probably have at least two years of relevant UX experience.