Solidity Developer at startbahn

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[Strongly Required Skills]
* Strong blockchain technology believer.
* Strong motivation of developing on smart contract language platform(solidity)
* Proficiency with development tools for writing Smart Contracts
* Understands the nature of asynchronous programming, its quirks, and workarounds.
* Proficiency in code versioning tools
* Conversation level of English speaking skill.

* Writing lightweight and optimized Smart Contracts for deployment costs.
* Solidity interfaces, extensions, and modules for outward-facing applications.
* Work with existing contracts and implement new features based on the project’s pipeline
* Develop new product features and new applications within an Agile environment.
* To Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies, mindset of research and test new technologies to use for the current project.
* Document new solutions as well as maintaining records of existing ones

[Development Environment]
* Language : Solidity, JavaScript
* Framework : Truffle, mocha, chai, ganache
* Library : OpenZeppline SDK
* Source Control : git
* CI/DI : Jenkins
* Infra : Docker, AWS-S3
* Project Management & Communication: Pivotal Tracker,Slack

* Passion for building smart contracts and decentralized applications.
* Ability to deliver a clean, optimized, and testable code.
* Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures
* A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technologies
* 2+ years of experience as a Software Engineer, or similar capacity.
* 1+ years of experience working in blockchain-related fields
* Fresher is welcome with solidity language skill.

[Bonus Point]
* Excellent written and spoken communication in English.
* Experience developing on top of Ethereum
* Familiar with Ethereum wallet
* Familiar with cryptography (private-public key encryption).
* Experience in Test Driven Development (TDD) and agile methodologies
* Familiar with Docker, kubernetes and Experience in a DevOps environment (blockchain is a plus)
* Familiarity with Token Economy, specially NFT token ( ERC721/ERC20 is plus)
* Have a wider view of blockchain technologies like sidechain, plasma, etc
* A good communicator who can express their ideas, consider others’ and make informed decisions (experience with pairing is a plus)

Note :
* If you developed any fun project on blockchain please share your git url with us.
* If posted any issue in GitHub or forum share the link with us.
* If you wrote any blog share with us.
* Share Any public open source contribution.