Research Development Engineer

  • Salary : Starting salary of 6,000,000 JPY
  • Pay raises : Twice a year, subject to multi-dimentional assessments among employees
    *Uniform wage system, assessment categories and criteria applied worldwide
  • Social insurance : Full statutory cover, in accordance with legislation in each country
  • Working hours : Flexible
  • Holidays : Saturdays, Sundays, local national holidays, summer vacation, paid leave and maternity leave.
Workplace location Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo
  • Bachelor’s degree or more
  • At least 2 years programming experience in Java or C++
  • Ability to communicate at an operational level in English
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience in working on big distributed software systems with diverse teams.
  • Experience/Understanding of technologies like Javascript, Spring Framework, Git, Cassandra, Spark and ElasticSearch.
  • Worked in a specialized Software field like Software Security, Quality Assurance, Big Data, Cloud Computing or Artificial Intelligence.
Job summary (1) Research on cutting-edge technologies.
(2) Develop new products and functions for our enterprise package software.

Our goal is to provide our customers an enterprise package software with high usability and extremely fast response time.
To achieve this goal, we are seeking for candidates who are innovative in understanding business requirements as well skilled at problem-solving using computer programming.

Job description

(1) Be an explorer in cutting edge technologies

Be on the lookout for the latest technologies and conduct research on their practical applications in products. Specific duties may include:
  • Apply new technologies to resolve plans and functions that are impossible using existing technologies.
  • Implement new technologies to significantly improve existing products and functions.

(2) Software architect role

Oversee the entire planning, design and installation processes for new products and functions.

  • Create new products and functions while assuming full authority over assigned areas.
  • Engage proactively in the planning, design and installation processes, rather than entirely relying on instructions from the client.

Plan products from a product-oriented standpoint

  • Explore potential as well as apparent needs, and create products and functions based on a perceived vision of future trends.
  • Examine your own ideas from multiple angles and increase the accuracy of conceptualized systems, regardless of your assigned division.

Design and install advanced software to benefit world-class clients.

  • Design and install versatile software that offers benefits to all of our clients, who are in the hundreds at the moment.
  • Consider upgradability in the future.

Coordination efforts with related products and functions.

  • Our ERP system is a massive, and covers all operational processes relevant to client management. Successful candidates will therefore be required to understand the overall structure and functions of our system, and design and install software to enable effective and seamless coordination with other related products and functions.

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